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At Paisano Construction Company we pride ourselves by having a sustained company through these tough economic times. Its our quality and trust by our clients that has enabled us to push through and continue to provide beautiful work at affordable prices. Our solid Italian heritage and work ethic over the past 40 years that has given us the extra confidence in the service we provide for our clients and the community. We have our award to prove it 2009 People’s Choice Construction Company. Paisano Construction is a state-licensed Michigan-based remodeling and construction company specializing in delivering expert-quality work throughout metro-Detroit since 1970. Known throughout the state as one of the highest rated construction and remodeling companies in Michigan, Paisano Construction is the gold standard of excellence when it comes to customer satisfaction and professionalism. Paisano Construction has operated as a referral-based business with a deep tie to the local community dating back to its inception over forty years ago in (city), Italy. Owner/Operator Mr. Longordo prides himself in maintaining a zero-complaint record with previous clients, and attributes his company's success during the declining economy as a testament to his carefully trained employees and his proven track record amongst city business developers and local homeowners. Is your driveway uneven and full of potholes? Are you planning a new addition, but not sure where to start? Want to build that new garage before the first snow of next winter? As the Michigan industry-leader in cement work, stamped concrete, and brick paving, Paisano Construction has made a name for themselves throughout metro-Detroit as the premier exterior construction company in Oakland and Wayne counties. Besides boasting an impressive client list of successful large-scale city contracts, Paisano Construction is dedicated to the hundreds of residential customers who continue to seek quality service for outdoor projects ranging from driveway repairs, to patio and garage construction. Paisano Construction's services are not limited to outdoor projects, however; as they are expertly equipped to provide estimates on specialized interior services ranging from kitchen and bathroom remodeling to interior painting and finishing. Is it time to paint and remodel your bathroom or kitchen? Have you been putting off installing that outdoor patio? Has your garage floor or driveway endured a lot of weathering and damage over the years? Call Paisano Construction today for a free, no-obligation estimate and see why residents of metro-Detroit continue to use Paisano Construction for all of their remodeling and construction needs.

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